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Titcomb Sings Carpenter

Brent Titcomb

Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Brent Titcomb was one of the keystone songwriters behind the rise of Anne Murray, gifting her with “Sing High, Sing Low,” “I Still Wish the Very Best for You,” “Sycamore Slick,” “People’s Park” and “Bring Back the Love” with Glen Campbell.

Yet, with the breadth of songs he’s written, with hits in the US as well as Canada, it’s not his songs he chooses to showcase. Brent has for years made it his personal mission to keep alive the magical, mystical songs of his late, great friend Bob Carpenter. Almost immediately upon his recent return to Toronto, Brent hooked up with another old friend, singer-songwriter/producer Tommy Graham, to record Bob’s brilliant “Before My Time.”

Brent sent me the MP3 knowing how much I’d appreciate it — I’m glad to see him still polishing diamonds. If he had his way, he’d record an entire album of Bob’s songs, for the same reason I write about him. Another reason Brent loves to sing Bob’s songs is because Bob connected with his creator through his music, and so does Brent. And there’s a good chance so will open-minded listeners who sit down with Bob’s lone album, the Brian Ahern-produced masterpiece, Silent Passage.

Brent’s current take on “Before My Time” is a work of of eternal love and devotion. The rough edges in Bob’s voice have been replaced by the quiet dignity in Brent’s, calming the powerful words in Bob’s message the same way rushing water wears rocks smooth over time… our time.

Now listen!

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